Ravindra Energy seeks to create a leading position in the provision of solar energy utilising the unique characteristics of solar PV generation. We will provide innovative solutions based around technology and finance to existing and new power consumers to facilitate the growth of solar PV.
We strongly believe that solar PV offers one of the most competitive and effective means to provide long-term energy security and overtime will transform the power distribution sector. In India solar PV is moving quickly towards wholesale grid parity and has already achieved retail grid parity in a number of states.
The Government of India has also made strong commitments towards the expansion of solar generation, committing to develop 100 GW of solar by 2022, with 60GW coming from ground mounted projects and 40GW from rooftop projects.
Ravindra is focussed on three areas of the solar market:
• Off-grid solutions for irrigation pumps for farmers started in late 2014, we believe that there will be continued growth as the demand for irrigation in the farming sector grows.
• Solar rooftop projects that will allow users to offset their grid consumption and supply to the grid under net metering arrangements.
• Ground mounted solar projects to supply electricity to the state distribution companies in Karnataka.
Ravindra is committed to play its part in the growth of solar PV and the transition to a more sustainable electricity generation mix.
Ravindra also has an operating coal mine in Indonesia with reserves of around 100 million tonnes and current production is around a million tonnes per annum. The Indonesian entity is involved in the production, marketing and trading of the coal produced.